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Justin Browning
11-14-2012, 11:09 PM
Well, its been a while, and I am still trying to sort out the custom pit. I currently fly with a rag tag set of misc gauges on the second computer and that works, but sometimes they crash. I installed the demo of XP 10 on the machine and was able to get it to perform at over 50 fps with just the panel showing. So I want to create a custom panel that I would use for all my aircraft that fits the generic bill. I am not sure how to do that and need a generic tutorial on the panel portion of Plane Maker. I can drag the instruments, but am unsure of how to make them work.

Please advise and let me know if I can further clarify my request.



Let me clarify.

On the instrument panel pc, I know that I have to create (or modify an existing) acf. Since the master doesn't reference that PC for the flight model, can the .acf on the slave machine be empty? If not, then I suppose that I could use an existing .acf and copy it.
The only requirements I have for my panel are:

Airspeed indicator suitable for slow and fast aircraft
Glass ADI
Glass HSI
Standard Altimeter
Standard VSI
Standard TC
RPM Gauge for Recip
Turbine Gauges for Jets
Standard Nav Instruments

1280x800 Resolution as I want it to fill the screen.

I appreciate the guidance.