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07-11-2012, 05:54 AM
Did you ever wondered how good simulator pilot you are?

Have you ever been checked by another experienced one?

Have you ever found out how good you are on IFR procedures?

Do you hand-fly your ILS approaches or you leave your multimillion dollar Boeing to perform an Autoland? And if you really hand-fly them, do you think you really do it well?

In order to answer you either need having a certified pilot instructor next to you when you are flying or an application playing the role of the instructor and evaluate your performance.

Every month FSPS Contests prepares an application with build-in all real life procedures of an actual flight between two airports. The Navigation Charts, full details-explanation of what you are being asked to do and how your flight is going to be evaluated are included. You – like a real pilot – on his line-check flight will have to study and prepare yourself. You will have unlimited test flights to check your abilities during the month but only one “real-flight” to prove what you have learned.

You will depart on special generated weather from an airport, you will have to follow special ATC instructions, you will have to hand-fly the departure procedure. You will have to handle the lights, the landing gear, the flaps your speeds like real pilots do, following real-life Airline internal rules and regulations.

You will be checked on how “soft” you are on controls, on how good you are on following a given flightplan, on how good you can calculate your descend and then handflying again to catch an ILS signal and follow it to the ground.

You will not have to worry about everything however. With just 2-3 clicks your flight is prepared and all you have to do is hit the parking brakes on the arrival main terminal when all is done. That will lunch your performance evaluation and all aspects of flight will be analysed like a real professional pilot instructor would do for you and will give you points for your efforts.

For July 2012 a flight between Tennessee (CHA) and Florida (JAX) has to be done. The weather is not ideal on both airports and you will have to fly an interesting ILS on hand with some special crosswinds upon arrival. How good are you on climbing and maintaining 5000ft (simple as that) when weather is bad? How good are you Captain on following the localiser and the glideslope with just 10kts crosswind?

You can find out now as the build-in Flight Evaluator, based on internation standards, will evaluate everyone's “real-flights” and will put them on “competition mode” on a website. You can now compare yourself with other pilots abilities always evaluated with the Same Criteria and not how you Instructor like you or not.
You proved on the end of the month really good? FSPS will give you a present for your efforts if you finish on the top three positions. A present with real and not virtual money!

1st Position wins 1000 $
2nd Position wins 350 $ and
3rd Position wins 150$

Next month another flight , another challenge. Keep you score high, and at the end of the year on “Top of the Tops” you will have your chance to compete for a special Prize if you remain high on the rankings.

Find now how good you are.
Compare yourself to others on a clear and common system (No more excuses).
Discover the magic of handflying on an era that pilots becomes more and more obsolete.

Learn more for IFR flying a commecrial Airliner and be a better pilot!

Get airborne, get ranked, get paid!

For only $5, get a ticket that connects FS flying with reality NOW!

Learn more at http://www.fsps-contests.com