View Full Version : What's out there for ATC Add Ons?

12-12-2011, 08:53 AM
As much as possible I fly with live virtual ATC. However, as has been discussed in other threads limitations in coverage times and areas don't always allow for that. When no ATC is available I might fly uncontrolled (some would say I'm always out of control :p ) with call outs on Unicom, but I also fly off line and use FSX'x native AI ATC. My problem is I find the FSX native ATC to be very lame and at this time the phraseology is out of date. So I'm on the hunt for another last minute item to add to Christmas list . . .

What options are out there for AI ATC Add Ons? Text or synthesized voice, but obviously audible ATC would be preferred, and speech recognition would be great. However, I know speech recognition can be a real CPU load and I want to be careful not to cause trouble for FSX. And the biggest irritation to me with native FSX ATC, and therefore the one I most want to overcome, is flexibility to change up what I'm doing mid flight. Nothing more frustrating than being up doing pattern work and touch and go's but not being able to request a departure from the pattern or full stop landing because the ATC menu simply does not have that as an option.

Are there any real good ATC Add On's? What are there pros and cons? I sim mostly GA VFR in the US but I'm starting to build my IFR skills so I want to be sure phraseology are current. Do the synthesized voice and speech recognition Add Ons really work? And top on the list, how flexible are the available add ons if I want to deviate from the scenario I'm currently flying?

Any and All input are greatly appreciated!!! Santa's waiting for my letter and it would be great to have some ATC Add Ons to it.

12-12-2011, 10:13 AM
I fly with radar contact. It has it's limitations eg.. No taxi instructions, but apart from that it is probably the best there is. I never fly without it.