View Full Version : DVATX with PHIDGETS DC motor - please help me

04-08-2011, 12:04 AM
Hello Folks

I really need a hand here - since I have done all I can but my trim wheels motors refuse to work properly:

Checked the DC motor card with the Phidgets control panel - card is recognised, motors work perfectly on both motor terminals. This tells me the phidgets part is OK.

So it must be something with either the FSX or DVATX .

With the FSX - the trim wheels are rotating on the screen when pressing the trim button on the yokes- this tell me the FSX is OK. For this I use just the FSX + DVATX - no PM !

The trim wheels have some very short and weak response - so I guess the logic is there - but something in the DVATX is not going well - as if there is not enough power ???

Tried to change the settings on the INI file for the motors (acceleration and/or Velocity) it changes nothing - further more - I put a remark before these lines - the wheels were turning like before - as if there is no connection between the INI file and the settings.

DVATX - ver 1.40
INI file version 1.15.
My USB does not go directly to the PC - it feeds from the 8/8/8 card which has the power unit in the jack.
INI file - looks very similar other guys file.
NO PM - just FSX and DVATX.
DVATX - when loading previous version of DVATX - the FSX shuts it engines (loaded with engines working) - when loading the new one (1.40) it does not shut the engines - ??? (both cases PM=0 in the INI file)

If any of you guys out there use FSX and DVATX with the PHIDEGTS high current Motor Card - please let me know how is your setup built, how did you wire it and any other idea - since I ran out of ideas :sad:




Still have no idea exactly why - but when system is under the control of PM AND Airborne - the trim wheels work properly also manually through the yoke switches.