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grumman goose
02-14-2011, 11:21 PM
Is there anyone that can offer any help? What I want to do is run guages on a seperate HP flat monitor in my cockpit on the dash panel. I have a grumman goose cockpit and will only require 4 to 6 guages at most. The grumman goose didn't have too many guages and I want to keep it simple like that also.

Has anyone been able to do this with xplane 9? I have to get a dual head graphic card to run on my pc, one port for the matrox triple head to go and the other monitor port for the guage panel display. I realize that it is mostly done with fsx or microsoft flight sim x but I really want this to work with xplane 9. Any help would be appreciated.
Sincerely Grumman Goose

02-14-2011, 11:43 PM
http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=26340 This is what i found after a google search. I know there are Xplane users here but you may want to spend some time on the Xplane forums there is a ton of info over there about dual monitors and dual Xplane setups. Good luck. I hope that is what you were after.

02-15-2011, 09:47 AM
in the render section you can specify a second window, but the main window is always the Instructors Console, while the second window is the panel/views. You may be able to alter the size of x-plane widow to stretch across two monitors. I have put one monitor above the other for a heli, or side by side for GA.

How easy is to get things in X-plane ... :)

02-15-2011, 01:48 PM
X-plane does not support multiple displays, except for the use of a second display as an instructor station. This is an X-plane design philosophy, not an oversight, so don't expect it to change any time soon. You can use multiple monitors via any method that treats them as a single display surface (TH2Go, NVision, EyeFinity), but it will be a single stretched view. You can't have separate views at different angles as you can with FSX.

Again, this isn't a case of "I don't know how", it's a case of "X-plane doesn't do that".

If you really want multiple windows, you need multiple computers.

02-17-2011, 11:06 PM
In reality, X-Plane DOES support multi monitor. You just have to buy more programs and more programs.
You can have up to 2 on one computer, then you need another computer, another X-Plane program and you can add 2 more.
I have 8 monitors and it was prohibitive so I bailed. I am using 2 computers for the monitors, 4 for cockpit and 3 for views with EVGA computers and cards 3 GTX9800s and 2 -570s for the 3 views, using WidevieW.
I hope the new FSX comes around while I'm still young enough to see.

grumman goose
02-19-2011, 12:37 AM
Thankyou, I think I'll also have to invest in a dual head graphic card that supports 2 monitors. I would like to see your cockpit set-up with pictures sometime!

02-19-2011, 03:52 AM
Have you looked at this? http://www.fly.elise-ng.net/index.php/instrumentspanel

02-19-2011, 12:43 PM
VFR is a good solution, thanks

02-19-2011, 04:41 PM
It is VERY UNHELPFUL for self proclaimed experts to give WRONG INFORMATION.

This is from the XPlane manual. As I stated in my early posting, it requires MULTIPLE COMPUTERS. I recommend using 2 systems the Matrox drivers (with what ever display cards) to map a greater than 1024 wide image without distortion. OR you can do what I did and get a 60" LED or a LCD Projector.
In any event, it is possible to just display the cockpit. It is far more complex than FSX and I don't think the aircraft are as good, but the flight dynamics are significantly better. The OTHER alternative is to put out $1,000 and buy the certified copy which gives you more monitors PLUS an instructor's station which wledzian WRONGLY said.

Good luck.

"Setting Up a Copilot’s Station

First, we will need two computers, each running their own copy of X-Plane. These need to be joined together with either a single crossover Ethernet cable or a pair of Ethernet cables hooked to an Ethernet hub. The computers should form a simple LAN, configured as normal within the Mac OS or Windows, whatever the case may be.

The airplane file to be used will need two copies, both either created or modified using Plane-Maker. The first copy (for instance, named “Boeing 747.acf”) should have the pilot-side instrument panel. If the user is content with the default panel layout, any of the stock planes could be used.

With the first version of the plane ready (the pilot-side version), simply make a copy of the airplane file and add "_copilot" to the end of the name—for instance, if the file “Boeing 747.acf” was used for the pilot-side version, the copilot-side version would be named “Boeing 747_copilot.acf”. The copilots-side airplane should be saved in the same folder as the pilot-side plane.

Next, open the copilot-side copy in Plane-Maker and tweak the instrument panel as desired for the co-pilot’s side of the craft. Save it when finished and close Plane-Maker.

There should now be two copies of the same plane, each with its own instrument panel, with names in the format of "Insert plane name.acf" and "Insert plane name_copilot.acf". Both files should be in the same folder.

Simply copy that whole aircraft folder from one of the computers over to the other, putting the aircraft folder in the same directory on the second computer. For example, if, on the first computer, the folder was located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Pilot\Desktop\X-Plane 9\Aircraft\Boeing 747\
then, on the second computer, it would be located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Copilot\Desktop\X-Plane 9\Aircraft\Boeing 747\


02-20-2011, 07:35 PM
Now that you've been so kind as to point out my error, perhaps you'd be so kind as to point me to some documentation of X-Plane's ability to drive multiple independent windows from a single PC?

Just to clarify, when I say "multiple independent windows", I'm referring to separately-configurable 3-d windows with independent view frustums, which, together, may enable total FOV greater than 180. This is opposed to a single wide window driving several monitors via TH2Go, EyeFinity, or NView. A single wide window rendered via the standard planar frustum, no matter how you warp it, cannot extend to 180°.

Also from the manual:
X-Plane allows the use of any number of screens to depict anything you like. Multiple computers can be used to drive multiple monitors, thereby networking up to about 20 screens to show any combination of views imaginable. If the computer’s graphics card is especially powerful, a video splitter (like the Matrox TripleHead2Go23) can be used to drive three forward visuals with one machine.

Of importance are the use of the phrase "any number of screens", and "Multiple computers can be used to drive multiple monitors".
Note that it says "Screens". Sure, I can use three screens with a TH2Go. I can also use several networked computers to drive several "Screens" showing a different display. I can also display the pilot's panel on one computer and the co-pilot's panel on a second computer, both of which are running their own copies of X-Plane. If I want to drive both EFIS displays with one computer, I can use the EFIS-App included at Level 2 or higher to drive two separate displays on multiple screens. Note that EFIS-App is not X-Plane. It is a stand-alone application included with Level-2 and higher licenses.

Also from X-Plane's website:
http://wiki.x-plane.com/Chapter_8:_Expert_Essays (see the section on multiple monitors)
the rule of using them in X-Plane is simple: If the monitors appear to be one big desktop in the operating system, then they can form one big window in X-Plane

If I want to drive two separate windows such as separately-rendered left, forward and right views (as opposed to a single wide view stretched across a single TH2Go virtual monitor), I need a separate copy of X-Plane for each rendered view.

PLEASE show me where there is any documentation that says you can drive multiple independent windows from a single computer. Please. Right now, that is the one big "feature" stopping me from using X-Plane when my 180° collimated display is built.

02-21-2011, 03:54 AM
As I said from the onset, you need to use multiple computers for multiple views (EG Monitors or LCD or LED displays).
That's why I have chosen not to use it. I have 3 computers on FSX and 8-10 monitors depending upon which aircraft I'm flying.
The flight dynamics are pretty realistic (especially DodoSIM and a few other aircraft)

However that wasn't the question.

The question was how and if you could have multiple monitors. Right?

In summary:
1. It is TRUE that you can only have 1 output (which can be more if you use the MATROX drivers and video cards for 2 or 3 outputs.

2. It is TRUE that you can have MULTIPLE monitors with XPlane, but you also need multiple computers, one each for each video view. That means somewhere between $50 and $500 or $1,000 PER VIEW.

So unless you want to log FAA or JAR flight time, then the X-Plane isn't that great.
And to get good flight dynamics, you need the Level 3 which is $500 per monitor and $1,000 if you want GPS or G1000. I'd rather go fly myself for that kind of coin.

Good luck.


02-22-2011, 06:19 PM
There is a clear distinction between "SCREENS" and "MONITORS".
In XPlane, you can have multiple "screens" of data on the SAME MONITOR.

If you want multiple MONITORS, then you need MULTIPLE COMPUTERS and MULTIPLE copies of the software @ $39 a copy on the cheap end.

Thats what stopped me. I have 2 copies of XPLANE running on 2 computers. One with a 60" LED and the other with 2 HP2406 LCDs driven by the MATROX software so I can show 4 "SCREENS" on 2 displays from ONE program output stream.

It is the difference between "screens" and "monitors". In my opinion, they are not honest in their approach. They should not distinguish between "SCREENS" and MONITORS as all the other competing programs don't require that. And the idea of charging $500 per computer station for a reasonably featured system and $1,000 per station for G1000 or GNS530 functionality (eg MONITOR or monitors with the Matrox) is a crime. They got me for 2 disc sets but that's it.

So sorry if I seemed arrogant. Having spent a bit of time tinkering with the XPlane and buying the second program set, and even contemplating the $1,000 (if it had provided more MONITORS) I do have some experience with XPLANE's "DISTINCTIONS".

So again my recommendation is "BUY FSX" and use 2 or 3 CPUs for faster frame rates and some of the better add-on programs for flight dynamics, GNS430/530 programs and some hardware controls and dials and switches. I have spent a good bit of $$$ on my system and it has helped in my real-world flying. I am much more comfortable with IFR and IMC (inadvertent IFR conditions) and my cockpit management has improved. I was also able to make the best use of my FAA certified sim time and went for a full motion system for the hours I was allowed giving me the best result from my $$$.
BTW I got into simming after I crashed FAA sims on various occasions and was told it would take me 2-3 hours to get acclimated. That 2-3 hours would have cost me MORE than I have put into my sim and I have gotten much better results. Plus shooting approaches around the world in varying weather conditions is a gas. ALL WITH FSX.