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02-08-2011, 01:05 PM
Perfect for project with Xplane.... with PFD,EICAS, "EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)" , anunciators ...and all free


PFD (Primary Flight Display) with:
- Attitude Indicator with Flight Director, FPV (Flight Path Vector) and OM, MM, IM marker indicators
- Speedtape with 10sec speed trend, autopilot/auto-throttle speed bug, Vne, Vmo, Mmo, Vs, Vso and estimates for Vr and Vref
- Altitude tape with autopilot altitude bug, TDZ (Touch Down Zone) altitude
- Vertical Speed Indicator with autopilot VS bug
- Barometer/QNH readout
- Radar Altimeter
- Heading Indicator with autopilot heading bug
- Flight Mode Annunciators with autopilot current and armed settings (compatibility with the x737 custom autopilot will be for later versions)

EICAS (Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System) with:
- N1 and EGT dials for up to 8 engines (a more complete version with N2/FF and versions for EPR-style, turboprop Torque and ######, piston MAP and RMP will be for later)
- Annunciators for Low Oil Pressure, High Oil Temperature and Low Fuel Pressure
- Fuel level dials for 1, 2 or 3 tanks or a single dial with total fuel for more tanks, values can be displayed in Kg, Lb, US Gallon (for AvGas) or Liter (for AvGas); (the maximum fuel capacity is estimated, or can be set manually from the command window)

EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) displays information for the destination airport in the FMS or the airport for which we are tuned to an ILS:
- Airport elevation
- Runway size and surface
- ILS (or Localizer) ident and frequencies
- Comm radios

- Flaps position (flaps handle position and actual deployment)
- Gear status for up to 10 gears
- Master Caution and Master Warning
- Stall, Terrain, Autopilot Disconnect, Low Fuel Level and Ice Detect warnings
- Pitot Heater (off=amber)
- Gear warning
- Speed Brake (armed=green, half=blue, full=amber)
- Parking Brake (set when in the air=red, full when on the ground=amber, half when on the ground=blue)
- Auto Brake (RTO in the air or 1,2,3,MAX on the ground=amber, RTO on the ground or 1,2,3,MAX in the air=green)

.I'm with the test.....กกก madre mia กก

02-28-2011, 12:13 PM

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