View Full Version : It was a nice time....iam not interesting in further waiting.....

01-15-2011, 05:06 PM
Hello all,

now i switched over to PROSIM 737 as i see no further development for PM. Within weeks Marty from PROSIM developed features, that we will never see in PM at this project-speed.

Marty offers already a support for 0 Cent, that is nearly perfect! He is really interesting in his customers and he is also thankful for tips and error reports.

PM had already stopped the real development before years. Key features are missed for years and its really a shame that the endless list of bugs never was fixed. I have no fun with 50/50 change to have an successfully ILS landing.....
And the worst is, that PM does not hear to his customers. They seem to have other priority.
Features that a standard in other suites (MIP, SIXPACK..) are only available for extra coast from Thomas Richter.

I wish you all the best and hope you will have much more fun with PM than i, but for me the PM time ends here.

Just have a look to PROSIM737 and maybe you will see how a suite can work. And again...still for 0 CENT. Of course..in future Marty will set the price to about 300 Euro, but at this time everybody knows what he get for this money.