View Full Version : Help in modifying sound ini file ???

12-23-2010, 03:11 PM

PM Sounds when speed brakes are engaged plays a bass extra rumble sound, which if you have a good woofer can really shake your cockpit, and that's a really excellent feeling. The great thing about it is that this sound is played in different levels, depending on how much the speed brakes are engadged.

So I would like to do the following...

1. I would like to play the same sound (again in different levels) when gear is down, given that in my mind an extra speed brake is engadged ( ??? ), and also when flaps are engadged, that is lower when on 1, higher when on 2, and so on till that sound is played on maximum when flaps are 40...

2. I would like to do the same thing during touch down and take off, that is trigger the same sound that could shake my cockpit too in the opposite way as above, that is lowering and maximizing according to the speed, giving the feeling of that shakiness when touch down or taking off on the runway.

Is this possible ? If yes via PM sound ini or via FS sound ini ?

My aircraft is POLKY 737-800, and the rubling sound I am talking about is nspdbrk file in the PM sounds directory. If you have a big woofer or bass shaker try it out, you will see what I am talking about (be carefull your volume, it really shakes !!! :lol: )

Thanks in advance,