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07-11-2010, 10:47 AM
I am looking at building a simpit using 'plug and play' engine instruments. I have emailed simpits and flight illusion, but they don't seem to eagar to answer my questions.

First....can a PC handle a four engine cluster of usb driven plug and play engine instruments?

Second...are there any manufacturers out there that can supply the hardware for jet type engine gauges like N1, TGT, N2, and Fuel flow?

I have a unique position as I have access to scrap engine gauges. My desire is to disessemble them and use the needle and drum pointer then interfacing thie real engine faceplate with something a distrubuter can deliver for a servo motor drive and computer interface.

Any thoughts?

Boeing 747 Flyer
07-11-2010, 12:09 PM
Hi there,

Disassembling the real instrument and driving the needle with a Servo is exactly what I did for my ASI, it works a treat with USBServos Software and Card from Opencockpits.

Furthermore, a PC with a good PSU is more than capable of powering four-engine gauges, what is even better is a "powered" USBHub that takes power directly from the mains and not necessarily from the PC. This will allow for more room and latency with your PC's PSU.

IF you want to have pre-manufactured engine gauges, you may wish to look at SimKits (although these guys are often regarding as quite expensive for what you get). Opencockpits also sell a few gauges but these are NOT P&P and must be connected to a USBServos Card, then itnerfaced using SIOC.