View Full Version : Servo Smoothing

04-02-2010, 04:39 PM

I'm trying to smooth out my servos.
Is there a way to make a circuit in FS2Phidget that would increment to a value instead of jumping to it?
Say you had a input from 0 to 100, at 0 the servo is at min. If you input 50 the servo, as quick as it can, will go to half scale or 50, kind of jumping there and skipping the in betweens.

How about instead of the servo going directly to the input value it was forced to increment up to or down (count up or count down) to the input value 1 by 1 ,at a selectable rate, (Not Jumping to it) making a smoother output.

Is this possible to have this type of logic in FS2P?