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02-22-2010, 06:05 AM
Hi all,

I got a question on which maybe some of you know the answer.
I am using project magenta PFD and the project airbus model. Few days ago the online controller asked me to get back
to him at the outer marker. I was observing the PFD for the outer marker indication and I didnt see any.
So I checked and found that there was something in the radiostack to enable the marker sound. Enabled that and still
no outer marker sound nor indication on the PFD.
The I changed my plane to the standard learjet 45 and did the same approach , again no sound at outer marker but
the outer marker indication showed up in the PFD of project magenta.
is it correct to assume the marker indications/sounds (inner , middle, outer) are generated by the panel of a plane?
If this is the case is it possible to attach to my project airbus plane an empty panel with just this functionality? How do I do this?

Greetz Peter

02-23-2010, 08:51 AM
nobody knows ???? Well, I will give you all some new knowledge since I have found it out last night. (its was late)
It wasnt in the panel but a line in the aircraft.cfg file.
Marker.1=0 will switch off the markers. Found it out by flying the IFDG model (also without panel) and there is was working.
So a fast look at the differences between the aircraft config files got me to the solution. I could just test it out over the luch
today and it works.
When I put in my sioc script (no hardware button yet) the marker sound on also the outer and middle and inner markers sound.
Great, now the controllers will hear me when they ask to call in at the outer marker.

Hopefully this will help someone else one day