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02-21-2010, 06:11 PM
Hi guys,

Long time before i posted anything but a few months ago I saw this item on CNN about the wet socks smell and just a few minutes ago i saw it on dutch tv.

The term is probaly allready known by you guys but for the ones who didn't knew this:
All passengers and crew onboard an aircraft ar being suplied with bleed air that's air that comes from the engine UNFILTERD in the airconditionsystem. Apperntly sometimes toxic hydraulic fluids and engine oil gets sucked up in the system and is spread in the cabin and cockpit. The smell is reconized like the smell of wet socks or a wet dog.

People who often breave this air like pilots and cabin crew can get serious problems like concentration problems or problems with remebering stuff. This can get so badly that pilots are grounded or stop flying because there simply unable to.

The wet socks smell is often seen by rolls royce engines and aircraft types like the b757, fokker 70 and 100 and the BEA146.

KLM cityhopper operates the F70/100 a lot and the problem occured many times. Sometimes so badly that planes have to be returned empty or forced to make a emerency landing. But fokker and KLM are acting like the problem doesn't exist.

I really think this is a serious matter and you guys/pilots/cabin crew and of cource passengers have to know about this. Is there anybody who have experienced this? What do you guys think about this and of cource spread the word!!! It's probaly the best hidden secret in aviation history.

I was really excided typing this so there could be some type errors so sorry for that:P

Like to hear your reactions and story's


07-19-2010, 06:17 AM
I read your post, it's quite funny but is also interesting one. I haven't experienced this in my life i am hearing it from you first time.