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Matt Olieman
11-12-2009, 11:21 AM
Finally got the time zone change fuzzzzzz out of my head, I think...... :-?

Just a few words..... right :) More writings and pics later, but for now.....

WOW, :shock: what a fantastic time and what a wonderful opportunity to meet MyCockpit friends. Dinner was excellent!!!!! I don't know about you, but it certainly gave me a nice warm fussy feeling to be with a bunch of NUTS that like to build flight simulators :) :) :)

It was definitely a brand new experience in more ways then one :) :) :) I found out what FSWeekend was about, it's just not about builders but all sorts of flight sim enthusiast and functions.

I want to thank those who sat with me and kept me company and Peter Dowson for giving me a break :) :) :)

Also want to thank Frans Broekhuijsen for being a wonderful host of this years FSWeekend. Finally got to meet him and had very nice conversations with him. He's an amazing man.

There's more to thank. My Cousin and his daughter Joop and Amber Donkervoort (yes, the race car builder), proud to be part of their family. Joop and Amber arranged the connection between MyCockpit and Flantaus Restaurant. The room we used for dinner is dedicated to Joop.


There was about 38 people that showed, 27 stayed for dinner. It was a wonderful group.

The Flantaus restaurant (Wilma Flantua) was excellent, the food was wonderful and service was way beyond expectations. Thank you Wilma.

If you travel around the Lelystad airport stop in for lunch at the Fantuas Restaurant and please tell them MyCockpit sent you :)

The MyCockpt Friends Photos say a thousand words, so they say......
Here are some "Dinner Photos," I'll treasure this moment for ever. Everybody was absolutely wonderful, I ENJOYED so MUCH talking to everyone, not just at the dinner but at the show.

I feel bad for the folks that planned on being there and couldn't make it. You missed a FANTASTIC time. Next year another opportunity and I'll be there.


It was so wonderful, thank you all :) :) :)