View Full Version : softwere qestion

10-13-2009, 02:09 PM
HI all this my be a stupid qestion but sence i am more of a plug and play guy
run softwere cd plug assigine and play butiful and easy gives you more time flying!!!!;);););)
but what i whant to ask because i really dont understand that talk about SIOC/FSUPIC/LEVELD/PROGJECT MAGNETA/SCRIPT LANG.and so on!!!!:oops:
sound realy nice and fun can any one just explane for startes why is it needed and how it works because the plug and play is so much esear how do they work??????i understand that it is somthing like a programming languge that allows the hardwere to interface with fs," i think any way"
i had read that pmdg737 can run a full configuration on 1 pc with out PM and with out a network of pc i dont know if this is true?????my frend whants to build a 340-600 and there is not a lot of softwere to be found any way he will build a airbus is there any softwere like PMDG for a airbus so we can use 1 pc or do we need a net work and PM????:(:(