View Full Version : WILCO addon crashind fsx!!!!!!!

09-30-2009, 01:51 AM
hi all just helping out a frend tha has started simming he goe a new pc running
wdXP seves pack 3
lots of ram 3g
and a 2,8 g cpu original fsx and original wilco airbus vol2
he whants the 340 600
all gose well instaling fsx and wilco but when we run fsx all other aircraft
are ok and work very good but when we load a wilco airbus it crashes fsx saying a fatal erro has ecourd and re starts fsx!!!! this happens only with wilcos aircraft i gave him some of my add ons and they work ok i tryed it out on my pc too and the same thing on mine????? we both have sp1 and sp2 fsx
and i downloded the update from the wilco site but the same thing if any one can help out!!!!!:?:

10-02-2009, 04:07 PM
well i have tryed every thing to help out a new sim freind with the wilco airbus vol2 addon but we cant get it to run we reinstaled fsx and vol2 airbus two times we have all serveis packs and we have done every thing we have been told buy the forums and still nothing i am very upset about this because when a new simmer on his first pc with the first fs dose not work it is not a very happy start any way if some one can tell us about a 340-600 addon this will be a full scale sim with network pc that is very good exept vol2 we would like to know so we can run our sim on that because wilco just dose not whant to work on that pc or if there is some one that has is good with windows xp and fsx we are willing to use teamveiwer if some one is willing to help out thank you guys
regards spiro