View Full Version : FSHotSFX for AI traffic sounds (Wow!)

08-26-2009, 02:34 PM
So I'm always looking for ways to enhance the 'immersion' experience in FS, and I came across an older and seemingly forgotten program last night called FSHotSFX that I thought others might appreciate.

It's basically a sound effects program for FS9 (will not work with FSX, nor on Vista systems) that goes way above and beyond what PMSounds is capable of. It's capable of replicating tug pushback sounds, turbulence rattle, and a quite a few other sounds that PMSystems also already handles.

But the real kicker is, it adds full realistic sounds to AI traffic. For example, if you're holding short while a jet is landing on your runway, you'll hear it fly by, then after touchdown you'll hear the reverser rumbles fade away as it gets further away. If you're in line for takeoff, you'll hear every aircraft that departs spool up to takeoff power, then rumble off into the distance. It also features Doppler sound effects, so if, for example, you're at a 90deg angle to the runway, you'll "feel" the sound from a landing or departing aircraft moving across your windscreen.

Sounds are specific to different aircraft types (for example a 737NG sounds completely different from a 757, MD-88, CRJ, or Brasilia, etc.), and all AI aircraft recognition was done flawlessly and automatically on initial install.

I was initially hesitant to install the software because it specifically tells you it includes FSUIPC 3.40, so I backed my /modules folder up just in case. Happily, however, it didn't overwrite my current FSUIPC or config files, and seems to work just fine with the latest versions.

There's a demo version at http://www.fshotseat.com/ that works within a 40nm radius of downtown Chicago (so you can try it at MDW and ORD). I bought the full version for $17.99 (money well spent) soon after, and had my key in 5 minutes via email. Had to tweak the volumes a bit to make everything sound "right," but now the result is stunning.

Hope one or two of you find this post useful. In the mean time, I'm off to go sit in my 737 parked at the old terminal at SXM and listen to all the activity on the runway and taxiways around me. :D

08-26-2009, 05:40 PM
I "had" it. The Lite version actually. The AI sound was a vast improvement over the default MSFS. Was fun to sit near the end of the approach or takeoff runways and listen to the AI engine sound. Very realistic.

The customer support was a different story. Probably one of the worst I have experienced with add-on products.

08-26-2009, 05:59 PM
How is the customer service? Have they talked about maybe releasing a FSX version?