View Full Version : FSX Multi player for outside views

08-06-2009, 08:12 AM
Hi Guy just need some info .. i recently read something in Mike powels new book that got me thinking ? have i missed something ?? Basically i would like to create multiple outside views for my 2 DOF Motion sim and the chapter mentioned something about using more than one licenced versions of MS FSX on seperate PC and then linked as multiplayer ( ie Almost like Wideview ) apparently and dont quote me on this but FSX can Synch each pc view to the main pc and so shares the graphics load regarding different views i.e straight ahead - left maybe 45 deg and right 45 Degs .... Now i now there is the Matrox unit and also wideview to do the same sort of thing, so have to ask does any one know the down side of using FSX's Built in capability to do this multiscreen work. hope i have phrased this correctly. i already have 2 licensed FSX and Accelerator programs and would think about a 3rd if it would help with this . is the downside needing 3 high spec PC's etc ?? i may have misunderstood what i read but seemed viable at the time.