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07-19-2009, 12:00 PM
This is not the newest of news, but given the companies I thought it might be of interest.

Effective May 2009 Bugeye Technologies bought Hi Rev Simulations.

I found this interesting because it means Bugeye Tech is not dead, and because HiRevSims products will now be produced and marketed by different people.

Several years ago Boeing spun off Bugeye Technologies to produce and market wide field of view display technology originally developed for potential use in fighter sims. The technology uses Fresnel lenses to edge-blend individual displays into larger displays. The hexagonal facets of the larger display was suggestive of insect eyes, hence the company name. Bugeye Tech focused on the recreational sim and arcade markets, but this was not viable. A few years ago, the company website ceased being updated. It had all the appearance of a failed company.

Yesterday I noticed that the Bugeye Tech website had been totally revamped. The company has re-directed itself as "a leading provider of replicated hardware for the simulation industry". A side-by-side three monitor display is still shown on the website, but the company focus has shifted.

Hi Rev Simulations has also been around for several years. It makes high fidelity copies of military flight and throttle grips for use in commercially produced simulators. Based on comments posted on different flight sim forums, it appears that HiRevSims has had little interest in dealing with flight sim hobbyists. In any case, the owner has decided to leave the business and has sold HiRevSims assets to Bugeye Tech.

I was pleased to learn that the Bugeye Tech people have managed to keep their company going, and I wonder if their new product line will be made available to the hobby flight sim community.

www.bugeyetech.com (http://www.bugeyetech.com)
www.hirevsims.com (http://www.hirevsims.com)

07-19-2009, 03:41 PM
That bugeye stuff doesn't look affordable or targeted at hobby builders. Then again, they might just be giving off the wrong impression. Would definitely be nice to have that throttle stick combo on their site for an FA-18 build.

Trevor Hale
07-20-2009, 09:04 AM
Fantastic Information Mike.. Lets cross our fingers, and hope the new partnership will help. Either way, we may be able to learn from them and their findings as they progress.