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11-08-2006, 06:15 PM
This weekend the Engravity team enjoyed the FSweekend in the Aviodrome aerospace museum in Lelystad, Netherlands.

We gave a small preview of the products on show on next months IFC.

Wat you see below is our MIP stand with the Performance Pro Line of panels.
The MIP is featuring our backlighted panels, the landing gear, our new glare shield and the new pcb based AFDS switch units.
The afds units (announced in denver) come with 3 dual color annunciator push switches and the toggle (test) switch. The logics for the test switch are on board for the amber/red lights test.
a shot of the Pro line MIP in the dark to show the backlighted panels. The backlit MIP comes with its own controller that enables remotely dimming of the brightness. As in the real aircraft the brightness for the captains side, the F/O side and the glare flood light can be adjusted independently of eachother by using the actual knobs on the lower glareshield. The knobs arent fitted in these shots but the hardware is there.


a close up in the dark. Pay attention to the internally back lit panels. The light is spread evenly, no hot spots to be found.


Another close up with flash to show our new glare wings. The glarewings are modelled after the original and make it easy to fit the floodlights.
On the picture you see team member Rhys working on the mip. In real life Rhys is an F/O on a 767 and he has a type rating for the 757 and 767.


Below the new radios from CPflight.
We designed the panels and CPflight the electronics.
The COMM radio has six digit displays !
The TXPDR can be switched between ATC 1 and 2 and a small <1> or <2> will light up in the window above the code.
The mode switch is functional.
The ADF/ANT switch on the ADF is functional and the adf or ant text will light up in the window in front of the freq.


More pictures to be found here:

We will officially announce the products i mentioned in this sneak peak preview over the next few days/weeks.

We had a great time in the aviodrome and want to thank the FSweekend team for this well organised event, the Aviodrome for the facilities and all visitors for their enthousiasm and compliments.


11-15-2009, 04:41 PM
Stef, Daveanne here we had a stand at Lelystadt just a few metres from you it was the FS737NG overhead interface...?

I purchased 2 AFDS units from your stand on Sunday morning, but unfortunately didn't get any schematics for them, can you let me know where I can downnload them from at all?


11-16-2009, 05:08 AM
Wow, thats an old topic you bumped ;-)

But here it is in our downloadsection: