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03-08-2009, 04:51 PM
Just got my copy of X Plane 9.22.

Loaded it and while it was installing I interfaced an older PFC Cirrus II Console to a Leo Bodnar BUOX USB Card.

After it loaded and I dropped the rendering settings down (CELERON 2.8 GHZ, 1.5 g RAM, NVIDIA Ge Force 7700) and tried to fly. It was slow and stuttering at first but after a few reloads and a re-boot, it seemed to "iron out" some details and came to life. I still get spotty performance when loading a Fighter Jet, but all other models work flawlessly.

Oddly enough after shutting down some background programs pre-launch one time, it seems to do this every time now, automatically, as if it sensed what I shut down and now does it autonomously. Anyone else experience this?

What wonderful interfaces, and stable too. I haven't found a way out of the game screen to get to a windows program, so I assume it was designed to be the only program available when running?

Anyhow, I ran through the options screens and this thing is amazing, obscenely detailed situation (location) screen. Pre-programmed situations, choose any runway and you have an option to start at 10nm out or 3nm out for final.

Simply Beautiful, exactly what I wanted in a simulator. Everything right at your mouse click.

I'm not a big scenery guy, I run primarily older used free computers so I have never had decenet scnery, an' for me simulation has always been more about function, systems operation, and navigation.

But the interface screens, wow, everything one could want, and the program itself, so polite, so simple to program buttons, and axes. I am still unsure about axis sensitivity, but am assuming that will be a function of the aircrafts control sufaces, not something arbitraly defined in a settings window.

Ok,first flight, since the PFC console is for a twin, variable speed prop plane I chose the default B-200. As soon as it loaded I shut the fuel levers down and attempted a restart. During my interface session betweeen the PFC console and the Bodnar Card, I only connected one side of each switch so I had to use the 2-D Engine Start switch. Alright both engines runing, real quick preflight and lets release the brakes for a slow taxi test and......she swings to the right, so a little more throttle input and she's taxiing straight, a little more throttle and she swings to the right... what the hey?

THIS SIMULATOR IS REALISTIC. No rudder, no go straight, and no autorudder capabiltiy that I have found. Cool. it's that realistic, even in FS if you had no rudder, and did not have Autorudder set, you could wrestle it ino the air and fart around. Not this baby, you would have to regulate power on the strong side and hold the yoke over to fly straight and level. For this reason alone I love it.

Bottom line, this is like discovering this hobby, passion, lifestyle all over again. I will still use MSFS for other venuse, but for my commercial endeavours and tinkering satisfaction, I have found me new joy! There is so muich to learn again.:razz:

03-08-2009, 09:46 PM
Thats funny to hear you explain it like this especially since i watched your hobby build from day 1, way back when lol. I have been using XPlane since austin created it and it truly is an unbelievable program, especially when you add on alot of amazing scenery that is definitely worth the cost. then add on a bunch of incredible aircraft free and bought its a joy to fly. only thing i miss is an undockable side view and my PM to connect from a difft computer. I use Track IR 4 to look around and it works incredibl well.

Regards Tim