View Full Version : a tip for anyone using a real throttle quad,

steve diamond
10-08-2006, 06:03 AM
hi lads,well ive had a bit of a job with the throttle quad,my main problem has been getting the feel right for the throttle levers,from info ive received from the ifsbi, i knew the real aircraft throttles needed 3 to 5 pounds to move them,this has been a problem to achieve,until i dug out two oil filled dampers i got from bill at sim controls ages ago,i was going to use them for rudder feel,but didnt need to use them in the end,they are adjustable so ive set the resistance to low,and they after about four weeks of making plates and various connection systems work a real treat,they also damp the reversers the way ive connected them in to,
so im nearly finshed on the throttle quad,and im glad ,as its been the hardest part of the sim up to now,and has taken four months to sort out,well worth it as the feel of the controls is a major part of our immersion,i think
ive had a couple of people flying the sim and one commented on how much tension he got on lining up and pusihng the throttles forward,he said the noise and feeling was amazing,so i must be doing something right,??!!!!!!!!!!
the dampers like i say i got from bill at sim controls,he does a lot of work for bob at r.c simulations,(i think)
these two guys have helped me big time over the last couple of years,and bill has really been a great help to me,
well boys im off to scotland for a few days break,just time for a round trip to amsterdam me thinks lol???!!!!!!!!
cheers(and a trip to the aviation museum?!!!

ps we are getting a new digicamera soon so i will post lots of pics of the throttle set up,should save you guys some headaches ,

10-08-2006, 12:31 PM
hey Steve,
Are you going to AMS show in november? Let me know we can hook up there and talk shop. I'll seny you my mobile phone number.