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08-25-2008, 01:47 PM
First off, I want to make certain that the PM team understands that I am extremely grateful for the recent updates to the PMRJ software. As of Build 90, it's starting to look and function far more realistically!

Some of the really nice updates are:

The PFD shows red x's on the display when the avionics are OFF as they should and the DUs come partially alive when on the BATT is ON. Once Avionics Master is ON, the entire display comes alive.

Also we now have several important CAS messages, although there are still some issues that need attention.

What Ive discovered that needs attention for Build 90 (and it has been reported to them):

CAS messages L R FUEL PRESS LOW and L R GEN FAIL should clear after a successful start. At this point in build 90 these messages clear upon engine start, however they return a few seconds later and do not clear even after turning on the GEN switches and the engines are running fine.

For the LJ45, the CAS message L R PITOT HEAT should be displayed when the function if OFF (if you care). This may be confusing for non- LJ45-specific users and it may be better to have it come on when it's ON.

Humbly and with great appreciation,

08-25-2008, 08:45 PM
Thanks Eric, looking forward to trying out the new build on the weekend. :D