View Full Version : TH2Go and FSX - A couple of questions

08-19-2008, 12:02 PM
I just got my new shiny black box... not that black box... a TH2Go ! So far so good... I had only one issue with the new higher resolutions not showing up. I was able to resolve that issue by rolling back the drivers on my 9800GTX to the 175 version.

My questions are:

1) What is the best resolution for my setup ? I am using Quad-Core AMD 9850 with 8gig 1066 RAM running Vista64. I have three 22" Samsung 2253bw LCDs on the TH2Go digital. Do I need to set my desktop for the exact same as I run FSX ?

2) What type of frame rate should I be looking for ? Right now it seems to float in the low twenties ... then during level flight it resides around 30.

3) I modified the .cfg file with the Matrox software and I am enjoying the surround virtual cockpit... but the 2-D panel is stretched out real bad. Is there a fix for this ? I was thinking of hooking up an old 19" LCD to my other video card output so I can drag the instruments I want over to it... will that cause me to loose even more frames ?