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06-04-2008, 10:04 AM

Im using the default LJ45 w/ PMRJ software and *no* FMS/MCP software.

Attempting to:

Have the aircraft fly the route (LNAV basically) that is displayed on the ND screen automatically after hitting a button.


I have attempted to find the offset or command in FSUIPC to have the aircraft fly the route that is entered into the FS9 Flight Plan and that is showing up on the PMRJ Nav Display. However, I cannot seem to find a command to accomplish this.

I seem to remember (but perhaps in error) that in the default LJ45, you can press a button on the Display Controller (EFIS) [possibly labled 'FMS'] and that causes the aircraft to fly the flight plan entered thru the FS9 flight planner (the thick magenta line).

Am I trying to do something that has no available offset unless I am running the CDU/FMS software?


06-04-2008, 12:11 PM

If I remember back to my FeelThere 145 days, PMRJ will show the current FS flight plan, but to execute it you needed to use the FMS that comes with the aircraft, as well as loading any other information.

i.e. PMRJ is only displaying - not interacting with FS, so any inputs have to be via FS (in this case via the standard panel). Have you tried to make the aircraft follow the flight plan without PMRJ connected?

06-04-2008, 02:39 PM
Hi Paul

I havent flown JUST FS9 is quite a while- I will check it out tonight or tommorow to verify but Im pretty darn certain that a flight plan can be entered and you can press a button on the default LJ45 panel and it follow that route- maybe it's using the default GPS from FS9?

Maybe there's an offset there that I can use for LNAV.

Thanks, and any other input appreciated.