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01-30-2008, 06:28 AM
Finally getting to the stage of wiring up some switches. I have been reading and reading and there remains one question unanswered.
I remember when you were hacking keyboards, that whenever you wanted to use a toggle switch you had to build a second circuit behind the switch, because it gives you a always ON situation instead of the momentary that you want.

When you buy a ready made card, I am leaning towards the OpenCockpit cards, can you now just connect any switch, without any extra wiring? I know pushbuttons are no problem because they can be easily got as momentary buttons. What I mean is that with the ready made encoders is the circuitery for the momentary action of a always on toggle switch already built in that card? Still with me? ;)

Then a second question about the OpenCockpit cards. I realize they're based in Spain and had someone translate their manuals and tutorials into English, but I find them sometimes really hard to understand. (I am not a native english speaker either) Are there, outside their website, better translations of manuals/tutorials available? The translations have put me off from buying their cards.


Jeroen bos

01-30-2008, 07:23 AM
The opencockpits gear is really great. as you suggest there is a steep learning curve. There are two software options. The first is IOCARDS which is a graphical user interface. The other is a scripting software called SIOC. This is very powerful. There are many good 'tutorial' as opposed to manuals out there.

In terms of the switch types the opencockpits software allows you to select momentary, toggle or even encoders. Nothing else required.

Hope that helps


01-30-2008, 07:56 AM
HI there,

I am also using opencockpits and can only confirm the previous post...a little difficult to start
with SIOC but worth every minute spent because of the power it provides.
There is here at mycockpit.org several people who can always answer any questions.
Youre name lets me think you are dutch but I could be wrong. I am also Dutch speaking (belgium) and I can speak and read spanish. So if there is something just post youre question
and someone will help you out. (thats the nice thing about this forum and its habitants :-)
....we are all nuts so we understand eachother :-) :-)

Just one little issue existing with opencockpits that until now nobody seemed to have noticed but opencockpits is investigating...
As you know opencockpits inputs are grouped by 9 inputs with common ground. If you connect to the last input of one group of 9 a toggle switch which is closed at startup of the cards...the sioc sees it as open ...you need to open and close it to sync ....
This is not an issue if you know it, just connect a pushbutton or a toggle which is open at the startup....

Greetz Peter

01-30-2008, 08:14 AM
Hey guys thanks for the quick reply.

When I am going to order the cards, would it be wise to order switches from their site as well, or can get them cheaper else where? What switches do you recommend (I am building a 738 based on PMDG like Westozy and Ian Sisson)

And yes, I am Dutch, but living in Ireland, so English is not that much of a problem for me, but I do appreciate the help from Peter, because as said, I just can't read through the manuals. Again, does anybody know where to find other manuals or tutorials for these cards on the net?

01-31-2008, 08:05 AM
In terms of switches etc I bought the hardware WITH the panels for the most part and have managed to interface every switch so far. This was cheaper than going to the electronics store. I did find it difficult to get the 7segment displays and they seemed to be reasonably priced through opencockpits. Have a look around.

For tutorials and manuals I wish I had of saved the site in my favourites. Google is your friens though! A good easy to understand site is Niko's

Hope that helps