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  1. FSPS - Commercial Airline Contest (July 2012)
  3. Special Offer: Flight Simulation Experience only 59
  4. 737 Style Digital Clocks
  5. A310-300 full flight sim to be sold
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  7. New Virtual Airline, compatible with Project Magenta Flight Plans
  8. WorldFlight Team 777, Perth Western Australia
  9. MyCockpit.org Is Moving
  10. Are you a pit builder in or near the Northeast US? If so would you be like a chance to show off your work at a Flight Sim conference?
  11. 2 Lancaster Bombers AND 2 Spitfires Landed At My Work! Wow!
  12. Re: I just need to say this
  13. World Flight 2015
  14. Key To WideFS released
  15. ‘Pay $50m or I'll Blow up 15 Planes’ - Ryanair Files Suit Against Threatening Twitter Users
  16. United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Manchester Airport
  17. 'You have to get off. You're out of the plane!’: Envoy Air Flight Attendant
  18. United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Manchester Airport
  19. Dash-8 cockpit building
  20. EgyptAir Flight MS181 Hijacked
  21. Alaska Airlines Suspends 41 Flights due to Volcanic ash from Mount Pavlof
  22. 'Pull Up! Pull Up!': Russian TV Airs Final Words of FlyDubai Pilots
  23. Philippine Airlines Launches Manila-Doha Flights
  24. Condor Flugdienst Begins Direct Munich-Tobago Flights
  25. Delta Air Lines Employee Arrested with $282,000 in Backpack
  26. Mega Maldives Airlines Flight Takes off After 2-Days Delay
  27. Record Number of Airline Passengers Travel into, out of U.S. in 2015
  28. Pilot by Day, Pimp by Night: United Airlines Pilot Busted for Running half a dozen Brothels
  29. Scoot to Launch Direct Singapore-Jeddah Flights
  30. Virgin America Receives Takeover Offers from JetBlue and Alaska Airlines
  31. GLB Flight Products freelance job opportunity
  32. Spam removed in the forums