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  1. Arduino and Flight Simulator 2004 or FSUIPC ?
  2. A Wecome to all. Please read ,,,
  3. More Freeware Got to be good
  4. Link2FS_Arduino_Keys_beta2
  5. Arduino COM / NAV LED display - FSX
  6. JUST CHAT ,, Idea's ,, say Hi ,,, What-ever ??
  7. FS9 and Potentiometer Inputs
  8. Link2fs_FSXout_Beta Anything about it.
  9. Link2fs_FSX_inOut. Anything about it. Idea's bugs etc
  10. Arduino Nano
  11. ROTARY ENCODERS and the like.
  12. Display NAV1 frequency using Arduino
  13. serial port and fsuipc
  14. Arduino suitability for building steam gauges?
  15. FSX Inputs without using keyboard emulation
  16. Arduino One board as output board on FS9
  17. Arduino and FSUIPC
  18. Problem with verifying and compiling PDE in Arduino 1.0
  19. İs this possible ?
  20. Arduino Uno arrived in the mail...now what?
  21. How can keys program be disabled in the Link2FS_inout
  22. Integer and character (ascii) issues when add myservo.write (airsp) need conversion???
  23. Driving incandescent lamps with an Arduino & a Centipede shield.
  24. LED Displays
  25. Air-core motor demo...
  26. LINK2FS_InOut_v2 for FSX and FS9.
  27. Display Frame Rate with Link2FS?
  28. Which Arduino card ?
  29. Arduino and FreeTronics LCD Sheld
  30. programing and reading PDE for Link2fs:inOuts
  32. Gauges FSX whith servo or stepper motor & ARDUINO and FS2Link
  33. What I'm about to do with an Arduino.
  34. Help out a Newbie?
  35. Link2fsinout evolution and upgrade
  36. Newbie question - Simconnect Stall Warning in VB
  37. What a great looking tool, I'm looking forward to playing with it
  38. My PDE - Autopilot controls using Rotary Encoders and TM1640 displays
  39. bug in keys program vs 2 ?
  40. Event ID for switching between Mach and IAS for FSX
  41. Warning, Arduino Leonardo
  42. Baud Rate - What's too fast?
  43. Wanted URGENT!!! Example 3 digit 7 segment led FSX Link2fs Sketch!!!
  44. Newby and Arduino (Uno) and (Mega 2560)
  45. simple example link2fs servo control needed
  46. Bug Found in Link2fs_inOut_v2
  47. FSUIPC to Arduino link
  48. Link2fs_inOut Gear Light Question
  49. Multiple Led's for Fsx
  50. Newbie question regarding Arduino in general and starter PDE
  51. Keith Newfeilds Quadrature (Rotary encoder) Library update.
  52. Seeking help combining Sketchs.......
  53. Newby at Link2FS
  54. Arduino 1+ and the SERIAL PORT.
  55. RPM issue
  56. Serial port configuration
  57. Arduino LCD Radio controller
  58. Link2FS Startup/Minimize Question
  59. Link2FS and Level D 767
  60. new servo code for arduino 1.0.1 & Link2FS
  61. Starter2 PDE flap code
  62. Connect old console Jeppesen fs200 to fsx with arduino mega
  63. Big Thanks to Jim
  64. Need a bit of help with jims8buttons - if this is the right forum?
  65. Can Link2FS & Arduino do this . . . ????
  66. Uno R3 and Link2FS regarding IOM Markers using LED's
  67. Link2FS run issue (MSCOMM32.OCX)
  68. Llittle problem with Link2fs_Arduino_Keys_beta3
  69. Blinking LED function ???
  70. What kind of displays may I use for a MCP?
  71. Adding non-default event IDs
  72. delay (11); // It seems to need a delay here. When and Why ???
  73. Using two Arduino Mega boards
  74. Thanks and a Question About Meters
  75. An Uno on Steroids
  76. LED turning ON on LOW, OFF on HIGH
  77. Wiring an LED to 2 output pins ?
  78. declaring Analog pins as output
  79. Jim, The V3 Beta is working great!! If you haven't already started to finalize things though...
  80. Link2FS-I2C & Arrays?
  81. Link2FS In out display switch issue
  82. Merry Xmas all :)
  83. Too Much Data Too Fast???
  84. Pitch and ROLL out FSUIPC IN VISUAL BASIC 2010 to Arduino
  85. PICs and Link2FS
  86. Link2fs MULTI Beta Testers test :)
  87. Idea for 360 deg gauges
  88. Should I have VB or the Arduino do the work?
  89. HELP! Link2FS Error Message! It no longer runs.
  90. link2fs_arduino_uno1 and Windows 7 64bit
  91. MEGA + Rotary encoders + LCD +++
  92. First try with jims link2fs
  93. gearpanel with code
  94. Trouble with "Q" Heading Extraction ???
  95. FS2004 iFly control is not a problem
  96. Here is What Jim's Program Led To...
  97. Using Arduino to drive VFD
  98. Link2FS Cessna c172 ADF Error
  99. Arduino Virtual HeadSet
  100. Mapping Servo Data
  101. LCD help for a noob please
  102. Link2fs not showing extracted data
  103. Link2FS confusion
  104. FS2004 iFly 737 CDU DIY (Arduino, Link2FS, Fsuipc)
  105. Prevent Preload of Standard.XML
  106. Transponder XPNDR
  107. Arduino and Stepper motor Control
  108. PMDG Autopilot Status and Link2FS
  109. Arduino Card Newbie + 737 Home Cockpit
  110. Issues Regarding Auropilot functions
  111. arduino unable to get readings from "More Extractions" in Link2fs
  112. Arduino input & output
  113. help with link2fs
  114. VB6 code to contribute - To Jim NZ
  115. Hi guys, questions about arduino
  116. LINK2FS_inOut updated. Now version 4j
  117. Arduino-737NG Project
  118. Arduino Stall warning audio...i need help
  119. FSX - Arduino Link2FS Question
  120. another newby questions
  121. arduino uno with two lcds NAV1 and COM1
  122. 737NG Simulator Arduino output help
  123. Two outputs at once Links2FS
  124. need advice on code for flaps position
  125. Arduino servos and sim gauges - smoothing servo movements
  126. Anyone have any code to share?
  127. Extration Request
  128. link2fs COMM/NAV (de)activate
  129. Cessna172 light switch panel
  130. Rudder pedal with pot + Arduino mega
  131. Integers confusion
  132. GPS Extractions
  133. need help in extracting data from Link2fs_inOut_v4j from more extractions tab
  134. Multi Radio Panel Project - help
  135. Rotary Encoders and FSUIPC questions!
  136. Where is the PDE_inOut_v1.PDE file?
  137. FSX Output Values List
  138. is it possible to extract the information form the atc window and send it to a lcd in arduino?
  139. Turning switches off
  140. My Lear Cabin Pressure Panel thanks to Jim!
  141. How to switch between signals displayed on LCD- having trouble
  142. Tip: Use unsigned int for large values
  143. FS2004 iFly 737 Home Made MCP
  144. Arduino Card, Link2Fs,7 segment LED,FSUIPC and FSX.
  145. My mcp based on arduino mega and pokeys55
  146. help!!!
  147. Working on simplified MCP
  148. My home cockpit video
  149. Link2FS_Keys & PMDG
  151. Multi radio panel wiring fix with 20 pos 1/4 Cycle rotary encoder
  152. Confused With Switches
  153. Multi to single !
  154. Which cards to buy?
  155. String list for the multi
  156. flaps and spoiler position
  157. Marker indicator
  158. 7 segment led displays and my Radio Box
  159. yaw damper
  160. Help with Link2FS and Jeehell!!
  161. Link2FS Multi and Windows 8
  162. Tutorial Videos on Youtube
  163. help with arduino code
  164. FS2004 Link2fs Multi BETA Testers test
  165. Starting wih arduino and Link2FS problems all ready):)
  166. newbie in need of direction
  167. 64 button addon shield
  168. MCP/COM/NA panel
  169. Encoder Multi Radio
  170. FSX Com/Nav radio and Landing Gear Panel
  171. Module TM1638 help please.
  172. Cheap DIY Vertcal Speed Indicator
  173. PWM/code limit? analog instruments cessna 206
  174. How to vonnct many rotay encoders
  175. Vertical Speed indicator, servo, help
  176. jim need some assistance please
  177. Adruino that went a-wall
  178. Link2FS toggles lights instead of commanding on/off
  179. No Line feed with data
  180. Help to set up a switch.
  181. Baclight pael with arduino
  182. FS Connect Inputs
  184. my xmas contribuition code for uno with 3 lcds
  185. An idea, or a blunder to destroy my arduino card
  186. Simple question, please help!
  187. Remote controlled failures
  188. link2fs vs multi
  189. Stall buffet feedback
  190. Link2FS UDP Interface
  191. more than 3 mega cards possible?
  192. attitude gage test
  193. Link2FSMulti on a second pc?
  194. Suggestions requested for the construction of compass.
  195. What part to start with?
  196. Link2fs NAV2 Knob and ADF Knob Code missing...
  197. Newbie! Help needed please
  198. NEW STUFF for the MULTI
  199. Hydraulic Brakes
  200. Landing Gear Light Test
  201. Flaps position to arduino guestion.
  202. Link2fs and Addon (airbus x) problems
  203. Working: Easy Stepper Motor Control for Flaps Gauge
  204. Extractions from FSX
  205. AttitudeIndicator from scratch!
  206. Barometric presure
  207. Link2FS Multi Annunciators
  208. ARDUINO FS2LINKS program
  209. Possible new Key function
  210. Guidance designing code for autothrottle
  211. Improve throttle position resolution
  212. TM1637 - 7 segments 4 digits display
  213. max7219 boards issue
  214. Error converting String to Int ???
  215. Rotary switch swapped for push buttons?
  216. Code help for beginner...
  217. Detecting Link2_FS is connected.
  218. A TIP!
  219. Please help an old man in distress
  220. Altimeter and speedo
  221. Notable threads
  222. A programmer question to Jim
  223. help with 20x2 lcd module
  224. Simple Utility to auto expand the 'Cockpit - View 00' window and remove its border
  225. Arduino Robot
  226. rotary switch,dip switch or encoder
  227. CLR20r3 Error While trying to open Link2fs_Multi V5h
  228. Newbie Questing regarding strings
  229. BETA TESTER RELEASE for Link2fs_Multi version 6x1
  230. My Nav/Comm Radio with 32 Channel Memory and my Transponder
  231. how to connect the second card to link2fs
  232. little Question at the INO files
  233. EFIS panel toggle switch
  234. Need Help with Analog Read Stability
  235. Selecting link2fs makes FSX pause
  236. Any practical limit to extractions?
  237. New to Arduino...what did I get myself into?
  238. Can Someone Post the Link Jim Gave to Watch for V6 release?
  239. Altitude set
  240. Operating Motors for landing and takeoff and more
  241. Simulated Cessna 800 radio stack
  242. Boeing Style MCP/Autopilot panel
  243. Need Some Help Getting Started
  244. LINK2FS MULTI FSX v6 for EXPERTs released
  245. Having issues with some code...
  246. Master Caution warning light and Reset Button
  247. Link2fs v6: How to "push" data to LCD/Arduino upon startup
  248. Switch positions on plane startup
  249. Potentiometer Help
  250. Servo movement