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Thread: Moving PM Displays

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    Moving PM Displays

    Hi Guys,

    I have read the manual and it doesn't go into streatching displays. I have just installed my LCD screens and computers but can't manage to get my displays to stretch to the full size of my frame. I can move them and zoom in and out but I thought you could stretch them.

    Also, how do you move the Integrated Stby. Have tried everything but it hasn't worked.

    Would appreciate any help please.

    Kind Regards,

    Brad Heller.

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    2000+ Poster - Never Leaves the Sim Trevor Hale's Avatar
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    You can. in the .ini file you will see and X, Y Strech scale set for 1 I had to change them to 1.25 for my wide screen displays. Have a look and let us know, I think you will be happy with the result.

    Trevor Hale

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    You move and re size the stbys on the F10 screen. Set them where you want them and then hit th F key that corresponds to the screen you want. Just try it, it works...
    Bob Reed

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    Thanks to the both of you. I will give it a try today.

    Always appreciate the help!

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