Because JL has closed the B.52 threat, it seems this is an early warning for an upcoming revision for our beloved FMGS, i hope.

Jean-Luc, the actual version is working really fine in general. Iīve made many legs since it came along and itīs stable and smooth even spreaded via network with dedicated server etc.

From my view there are two major issues which appeared the first time in this revison and seem even dependent on each other. Itīs the issue with the annoying oscillation of the engines at cruise power and i think iīve noticed that the AP isnīt leveling off as smooth as it was in the former revisions. If the ac is climbing to a higher FL, the AP always overshoots the commanded/managed speed while he tries to level off at the commanded FL. It seems the power isnīt reduced early enough by the AP when the level comes to whatīs set in the FCU.
This wasnīt the case in the former revisions and itīs maybe related to the oscillation.