Dear all,

i've spent lots of hours trying to setup my DYI MCDU using the Opencockpits keyboard simulator board USBKEYS with my Jeehell based cockpit. I've read the JL user guide and all the similar threads in this forum but with no luck.
My setup is two networked PCs perfectly comminicating each other - Jeehell is running smoothly; the first run win10, P3Dv4, Jeehell server (visual pc) and the second win10, jeehell instruments, MCDU & SW panels, SIOC.
The problem is not in the above configuration since i've test it in another, single computer running all the stuff together.
The USBKEYS card is always correctly identified by IOCKEYS software showing all MCDU keyboard presses; I'm using it only for testing purposes, it is not running during normal operation. So far so good.
Then I run SIOC Creator (which is installed in its own directory in c:\sioc), in MCDU section I declare that USBKeys board in the same computer as SIOC by checking the appropriate box and set IDX to 1 as it is shown in the SIOC. Everything is going OK until appears the window asking to press LSK1. There, Sioc Creator is not "reading" the USBKEYS board key presses and this is my problem. In this state if I select SIOC Monitor I can see that the USBKEYS is still working properly sending key codes.
I've experimented with various options and settings read in the forum but it seems that I couldnt find the correct one. I'm not Soic expert.

I know there are several others out there who had the same problem in the past so I need your help to guide me through the correct setting and options.

Thank you in advance,

Athens - Hellas
A320 P3D-Jeehell