Hi Jean-Luc,
i have 2 questions:

I´am running your FMGS on a dedicated server and it works fine so far. Just to make sure everything is correct: Do i need to start the FMGS starter portion which is installed on the P3D PC as well, beside the FMGS Server on the other PC, or do i need only the FMGS-Server to start on the dedicated PC???

In the past i usually run the FMGS only on the dedicated server and it worked fine. But maybe this is not 100 % correct. So what´s the correct way to use that you had in mind while construct it?

even when you set up FMGS on a separate PC as dedicated server, the Aircraft and Performance folders are installed on both PC (P3D and FMGS-Server-PC). Is there a special reason for it, because as i can see, the aircraft files that are used by P3d in this case are only the ones which are installed on the P3d PC but the performance and FBW data used are the ones which are installed on the FMGS-Server PC.
For what do i need the Aircraft files on the FMGS-PC?? Or is this just rudimentary?

reg. Bernd