I've been attempting to contact you (Dree) for some time now. I am a member of the Ocala Flight Sim club and have been working to update KOCF for some time. I've done quite a bit of work to it and need to know if I need your permission to release it to the members of the club. Unless you care to totally release it to me, I have no intentions of selling it or offering it up for sale to any site.

There is an extensive list of what I have done, should you reply back and request an update I'll send it.

I'm making two versions, one for FSX and the other for P3D v4x

I've had to re-build most of the hangars and buildings to make the sizes, textures etc. correct and updated. I've fixed the landclass and taxiway since it was never straightened out.

I hope my project will be a works in progress and I have your blessing to continue. I attempted to contact you through the site where I purchased KOCF They claim they have no way to contact you.

Please reply back and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,

Terry Bryson
Ocala Flight Sim Club.