I have been trying for ages to get the transponder sqawk code to transfer from the A320 radio panel to the Open Cockpits Transponder.

The reason being that I would like the Co-pilot In MCE to be able to set the sqawk code into the Open Cockpits Transponder.

I am also using the Open Cockpits Radios and have them working ok doing that particulat transfer of frequencies from the sim back to the radios as well as reading the reverse setting of the radio frequency and reading on the P3d aircraft panel. In other words I guess it reads both ways.

This was just a matter of using the following code for the radio Com1 :

// **** For Sync with FS on RMP.
// {
// l0 = frombcd &fcom1
// l0 = l0 * 10
// &act_com1 = l0 + 100000
// if &enc_com1 = 1
// {
// &id2_com1 = &act_com1
// }
// }

So I thought I would be clever and see if I could reverse engineer this code to work on the Transponder code , but so far have not been able to figure out the terminology that would be comparable to the above code.

If anyone can give a hint of what to use in ATC_PMagenta code, which is on the Open Cockpits site, I would certainly appreciate it.

I have emailed Open Cockpits, but no response as yet.

Regards.................Brian W.