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Thread: BODNARS BU0836X

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    Using a 10k pot, I am unable to move the throttle levers (as shown on the overhead page) more than 30% of their normal travel? The actual physical lever, moves the full travel but FS does not?
    I have tried 100k pot but no difference. I am using fs2004.
    My computer is an i7 with good graphics cards.

    Any ideas?


    Tony in Plymouth.

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    Re: BODNARS BU0836X

    It's usually just a calibration problem. It won't be the pot resistance. Anything between 10k and 100k will work. It's very unlikely to be a fault with the 0836X.

    First step is to calibrate and check the throttle output using MS Windows, under games, input devices, even if you are using another software interface.

    If unsuccessful, you could check the pot output resistance with a multimeter to confirm it is changing through the full range of throttle movement. If it is not, then the pot or its wiring will be at fault.

    If you use FSUIPC you can check the throttle output range being detected and sent to the simulator, and calibrate accurately.

    Also check, in the axis controls section of FS2004, that you have deleted any other allocated control for the throttles. The only active reference to throttles in the axis controls should be the 0836X.

    This is a common source of problems where conflicting commands are sent, one cancelling out the other. And be aware that even if you delete any conflicts, they can sometimes pop up again if you make changes to the sim.

    Hope this helps.