Hi all - please let me know if you are interested - I'll be putting up more photos up shortly.

All parts are OEM (genuine) straight out of an A320 (unless noted otherwise); prices are in USD. I will be adding photos and more information on my blog as well - https://soarbywire.com/2018/12/28/wa...us-parts-sale/

Happy New Year!

ECAM Panel 500
Audio Control Panel 550
Weather Radar Panel 550
Integral light pedestal dimming panel 150
F/O flood light pedestal dimming panel 150
RMP 200
Parking Brake/Rudder Trim Pedestal Panel 500
Rudder Pedal liners + Rudder Pedals 950
OVH Right Cargo Vent Panel 450
OVH Hyd/Fuel Panel 450
OVH Fire Panel 900
OVH A/C Panel 450
FTL Control Panel (Left OVH) 200
AFT OVH Oxygen Panel 300
FTL Control Panel (Right OVH) 200
Left Forward Window Liner 650
Right Forward Window Liner 650
Aft Left Window Liner 300
Aft Right Window Liner 300
Blank panels 20 / each
Pedestal Eng Panel 200
Captain ND/PFD MIP Panel 300
Terr on ND MIP Panel 130
Autobrake MIP Panel 300
FO ND/PFD MIP Panel 300
Flight Control Unit 2100
Complete Pedestal replica panels 200
Pedestal Engine Panel 150
Overhead ADIRS Panel 800
Microphone Holders (brand new, packaged) 90
Pedestal Switching Panel 150