Ignore the title, I have been playing since my original post. Something that I thought would be so simple is proving to be driving me up the wall. All I am trying to do is create arm and coupled lights for my autopilot. These lights are activated when either in nav mode or approach mode. I am using case w in the EQUALS void to measure the position of the localiser. I thought that it would have been as simple as if the localiser is positioned here and here and nav hold is on then turn this led on and if neither one of those conditions is met then there is no led. I have spent hours on this and tried various methods with limited success but not complete success. I have attached a link to the code I am using. The rest of the code works fine. You will see my nav under case w. This is currently blanked out as it is not working at all. Further down you can see under #B the approach which works OK but still comes on even if the approach hold is not activated. Initially I had them both under case w in the equals void but it did not work so I tried moving one to void #. I hope this makes sense and that someone is able to help before my sanity completely disintegrates.
Many thanks