Hi all,
Im just wondering if someone might be able to clear up a couple of simconnect extractions queries. I am working on some code that will emulate as close as possible the kfc225 autopilot. The glideslope on the indicator on this autopilot should light up when the aircraft intercepts the glideslope yet on link2fs it comes on as soon as the approach mode is activated even if I am several miles away from intercepting the glideslope. Im guessing that this is an FSX thing as link2fs gets its information from there?
Secondly altitude arm. I can find the fsuipc event ID but I cannot find an extraction anywhere, Link2fs does not have one, I have checked all the simconnect variables and cannot find one. When alt arm is selected it should light up until the aircraft has reached itís selected altitude and then the alt arm light goes off and the alt hold light turns on. I thought that alt arm was quite a common autopilot function so quite surprised not to be able to find one.
Could a work around be to have an led turn on when the button is selected and then off when the alt hold is equal to 1?
Many thanks