Airbus A320 CPFlight FCU FULL (with sideplates included)

As new. Excellent condition. No problems. No defects. No scratches.

Plug and Play unit, ready to use with Project Magenta or JeeHell or AST.

User Guide included as well as the panel cut guidelines for installation, if desired.

CPflight FCU is a full scale replica of AIRBUS FLIGHT CONTROL UNIT.
Backlighting frontplate.
Backlight color: Warm White.
Backlighted pushbuttons.
Pushbuttons legend backlight color: White.
Pushbuttons active status LED color: Green.
Encoders characteristics: machanical with PUSH/PULL function, 20 increments for rotation (with detent).
Knobs: aluminium dust-coated (with symbols).
External or internal display brightness regulation.
Display: Custom made backligted LCD.
Display color: Warm white.
4 digital encoders: SPD/MACH, HDG/TRK/LAT, ALT, V/S.
Dual concentric ALT Knob (external knob for x100 / x1000 exchange).
16 bit Flash microcontroller
DIN 5 pole socket for plug&play CPflight modules interface

AutoLand red annunciator. (CP and FO side)
Master Warn pushbutton and Red annunciator.(CP and FO side)
Master Caution pushbutton and Yellow annunciator.(CP and FO side)
SideStick Priority indicator with pushbutton (CP and FO side)
Chrono pushbutton
USB Interface (USB cable provided).

I'm selling for 50% of its original price.

All necessary cables provided.
Price includes special packaging.
Packed in original protective box for shipping.