Hi All,

Hi have for sell in almost new condition the following modules:


Overhead Frame (for these modules)- 400€
Lights Module USB - 300€
Air Condition Module USB - 250€
Electrical Module USB - 250€
Hydraulic Fuel Module USB - 275€
Fire Module (will require Hyd Fuel Module to work) - 90€
Left fwd ovhd Module USB - 275€
Right fwd ovhd Module USB - 275€
ADIRS Module USB - 275€
DC voltage will be required for proper functioning. DC adapters not included.


CAP and FO PFD/ND controller Modules V1 - 75€ each

USB Cables included in all modules.

Shipping costs NOT included.

All prices negotiable, please feel free to contact me PM for any questions you might have.

List will be updated with time.

Wish you all a very good day!