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    A320 FSCOCKPITS.EU Modules for Sale with 30% discount

    Hi All,

    Due to the necessity of reorganisation of the space in my storage room I will give a
    30% discount on all prices below.
    I have for sell in almost new condition the following modules:


    Overhead Frame (for these modules)- 375
    Lights Module (upgraded by CC) USB - 300
    Air Condition Module USB - 250
    Electrical Module USB - 250
    Hydraulic Fuel Module USB - 275
    Fire Module (will require Hyd Fuel Module to work) - 90
    Left fwd ovhd Module USB - 275
    Right fwd ovhd Module USB - 275
    ADIRS Module USB - 275
    DC voltage will be required for proper functioning.

    MIP and Glare:

    EFIS CAP Side with MC wing - 150
    EFIS FO Side with MC wing - 150
    FCU - 450
    CAP and FO PFD/ND controller Modules V1 - 75 each
    CAP and FO PFD/ND controller Modules V2 - 120 each
    CAP Panel with Display - 150
    FO Panel with Display - 150
    EWS/SD Panel with Display - 175
    AutoBrake Panel (includes Chrono; LDG Lever and Triple Brake Ind; ISIS) - 275


    CAP MCDU - 360
    CAP Comm Panel - 175
    CAP Audio Panel - 200
    WX Panel (with Flood Lights) - 200
    ECAM with Switches - 200
    TQ(motorised Trim Wheel) with Start Switches Panel - 900
    FO MCDU - 360
    FO Comm Panel - 175
    FO Audion Panel - 200
    Transponder (with Flood Lights) - 200
    Spoilers; Rudder Trim and Flaps Panel - 300

    USB Cables included in all modules.
    VGA cables Included for MCDU's.
    Power Adaptors included where required with exception of OVHD modules.
    Flight Controls; Shell and Seats NOT for sale.
    Shipping costs NOT included.

    All prices negotiable, please feel free to contact me PM for any questions you might have.

    List will be updated with time.

    Wish you all a very good day!
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