I want to use the Mech button on the overhead to select Ground Power. It is connected to an Open cockpits Card so I can either make it into a joystick button and use FSUIPC or use SIOC.
I originally used the FSUIPC route and it worked every time. Then I think the offset changed in one of the FMGS updates because it stopped. I found a new offset but that wouldn't work in FSUIPC as it had done before.
I then tried a few SIOC routines and I had one that very occasionally worked but not every time.
The latest offset I have from FMGC list is 78ED,1,33.
Has anyone else got it to work and if so what FSUIPC setting or SIOC code did you use.
I am not using GSX (too resource hungry for me, chops frame rate on ground from 30 to 20. I drive a lot of glass!)