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Thread: RMP 6 vs 5 digit display problem (50.1 version) using SIOC Creator

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    RMP 6 vs 5 digit display problem (50.1 version) using SIOC Creator


    I have a problem after after replacing my PCs and reinstalling Jeehell v50.1.

    My RMP has always had 5 digits for the STBY and ACT frequencies and for SIOC Creator that was never a problem. However, I have now ran into a problem. SIOC Creator is using all 6 digits which means the display is wrong and one digit is therefore used for both STBY and ACT. I have told the SIOC Creator the number of digits is 5.

    Let me explain:

    STBY uses digits 64, 65, 66 and 67.
    ACT uses digits 68, 69, 70 and 71.

    So by using 6 digits, STBY is now using digit 68 ( 64, 65, 66, 67 and 68 ) which is also the first digit for the ACT frequency .

    So 122.805 becomes 228.05 on my 5 digit display. Also for some reason the displays become very dim...maybe as a result of ACT and STBY using a shared digit...???

    Is there a way to get rid of the 1/2 frequency eg 118.23 rather than 118.235?


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    Re: RMP 6 vs 5 digit display problem (50.1 version) using SIOC Creator

    For those interested, I have a workaround.

    I edited the SIOC script in config_sioc (which can also be accessed by selecting ‘Edit Script’ whilst SIOC is running).

    What I noticed is that the displays are not contiguous, with each display (digit) being unique.

    As an example, with a 5 digit display, the frequency 122.80, would be assigned to displays 94,95,96,97 and 98.

    But with v50.1, the SIOC_creator wants to use 6 digits. In this case the frequency becomes 122.805 with digit 94 (the rightmost digit) now representing 5 rather than 0, digit 95 now representing 0 rather than 8 and so on. So I changed the value of the rightmost digit (94) to a digit that’s not being used e.g. 194 and then shifted the remaining 5 digits back one (for example, the digit 95 is changed to 94, the digit 96 is changed to 95 etc).

    So now, my 5 digit display is correct and will show 122.80 instead of 228.05. Of course, the display is actually 122.805 but the ‘5’ is elsewhere on a digit that doesn’t exist.

    I hope that that makes sense!

    The problem of course is that if I recompile again using SIOC_creator, I have to remember to edit it all over again.