Hallo all,

I've started building an A320 cockpit using FSX, Jeehell & Mobilflight.
I've already all the panels ready, backlighted, with all buttons, switches, corries and led displays attached and connected to a PCB board behind each panel. So all input / output signals can wired from each panel to the arduino boards loaded with Mobiflight software.
Everything is going to be controlled by JeeHell software and it's offsets.

My question is how can I control the buttons and green indication leds on ACP & RMP panels. I couldn't locate any Jeehell offsets for those buttons and respective leds i.e the CALL, MECH, ATT buttons in ACP and VHF1, VHF2, HF1, HF2, AM, VOR, ILS etc buttons in RMP.

I can see the software ACPs and with the latest JH version 50.1 the software RMPs, but i cannot find any offsets related with these panels in order to make the electrical assignements & connections to make my hardware DiY panels operable.

Also in the RMPs I cannot find offsets for the ACTIVE - CRS/STBY led display readings for CPT & F/O, nor the offset value for the green double arrow button between them.

Any help/directions would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,