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Thread: New Version of UPDNAV for Jeehell available

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    New Version of UPDNAV for Jeehell available

    Hi All,

    merry christmas.

    In the morning I distribute a new version of UPDNAV.
    You can download the new version at:****-fmgs.html

    If you have UPDNAV already installed, do not overwrite the UPDNAV.INI!

    Regards Dieter

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    Re: New Version of UPDNAV for Jeehell available

    Dieter, at first i want to thank you for the nice little tool. But one question: Iīve startet in December to monthly update the AIRAC from Aerosoft because of the charts.
    Your software runs fine and create all bins as it schould and copy them via the network into my dedicated server and the cpt side. The bin-files are new created as you can see it on the filedate. But if i start Jeehell the MCDU still says the airac is by 18/05 which was the first one i used.
    Iīve read in another thread from Jean-Luc that normaly you put the navdatarec.dat file init the folders in FMGS, delete the binīs and starting FMGS creates new bin files and then the MCDU show the correct date of the airac.
    Is this just not working with your update-tool or do i have something wrong set may be. Iīve tried already to copy the actual .dat file into the navdata folders but this doesnīt help.

    reg. Bernd