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Thread: Arduino pitch, roll. and yaw control

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    Arduino pitch, roll. and yaw control

    Branch of a post by AndreasTang to Jim's thread "LINK2FS MULTI FSX v6 for EXPERTs released" in the Arduino Cards and Link2FS forum.

    Any progress since September?

    Jim has posted that creating inputs for roll, pitch, and yaw would be a lot of work in view or the few people not using off the shelf joysticks, yokes, or components adapted to homebuilt yoke or rudder pedal assemblies. The problem seems to be with input of negative values required for the three primary axes. Using 'Experts > Simconnect Inputs, left rudder is smooth from zero to full deflection, but if you try to move the rudder to the right, the rudder moves immediately to full left deflection.

    SimConnects uses values 0 to 16,383 for left rudder and 0 to -16383 for right rudder. When the potentiometer output is expanded by map(output, 0, 1023, -16383, 16383) and the stored value is handled as an unsigned variable, -1 is decoded as +65,535 (give or take 1 or more) which puts the rudder to the left of full left deflection. I tried this checking the HEX box for the line in 'Experts > Simconnect Inputs' with the same results. Then tried the same procedure with 'Experts > Controls' and again found only left rudder movement with the the HEX box unchecked, and intermittent or no rudder control with the HEX box checked.

    The sim is currently more construction bench than finished sim and am not doing enough flying to allot space for both keyboard and joystick. When flight is required to test the latest addition, keyboard pitch and roll control is good enough to get off the ground. I want better yaw and rudder trim. There is an Arduino Pro Micro clone on order and will try to build a small USB rudder (or other axis) control using a rotary pot. Will post any results.

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