I'm posting this here because 1. I could not get the classifieds section to actually post, and 2. this item is a great starting point for a home cockpit.

I have the chassis of an AST-300 flight training device, formerly used by a flight school. I used most of the instruments on my existing simulator. I had thoughts to build this into a little portable sim, but have since decided to just focus on my Sabreliner project instead. Flight and engine controls are still present, as are a few engine/systems indicators. I also have the rudder pedals. The elevator trim system really works: spinning the trim wheel changes the center position of the yoke, just like in a real plane. PLUS, there's an electronic trim control, so you can run the trim with that and actually see the trim wheel spin. This thing is big and heavy, so local pickup is best. Asking $650 or best offer.

Since I can't get ANY pics to upload, here's a link to another AST-300 that looks nearly identical to mine. Keep in mind I've removed most of the instruments from mine: http://www.super-web.biz/ga/gaweb/images/ast300.jpg

If the mods are able to move this to the classifieds section, feel free.