Hello everybody, I'm hoping to get some SIOC experts to help. I am starting out with my USB outputs board. I downloaded SIOC ver 5.1b2 and the TEST OUTPUTS .exe. I tested the board, the red led light is on and I hooked up an led to output number 63, and I can turn it on and off. So now I needed to have an IDX number for the card,and some how I screwed that up because when I click on config devices I get an "access violation at address 004aff57 in module 'sioc.exe'. And now the gray box where DEVICES I there is nothing it, just empty. When I close SIOC.exe and try and re open it I get an error " is not valid integer value.I click ok and SIOC.EXE opens but DEVICES box is still empty. I have tried to uninstall SIOC and reinstall but the same thing keeps happening.
If anyone has any insight that would be great.