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4-digit 7-segment digital display
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Thread: 4-digit 7-segment digital display

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    4-digit 7-segment digital display

    I'm new to Arduino so bear with me. There must be a picture, Wiring Diagram, Arduino Code,to be found on the entire internet to be able to make a 4-digit 7-segment display count up and down. i have been searching for a while and have come across some but some details are always left out. I am trying to attempt to make a 737 MCP from scratch. Any help on where to find the info i'm looking for will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: 4-digit 7-segment digital display

    Does the 4 digit display module have a chip involved like the MAX7219? If so you can use the LedControl library in Arduino to make it work. If all you have is a 4 digit led display with no driver chip, I would recommend using a MAX7219 tube display module. I have used many of these in Sim projects. I built an MCP to work with the PMDG and a Radio Stack.

    Radio face plate needs paint, yet.

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