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    General Aviation Lower Switch Panel In A Can

    General Aviation Lower Switch Panel In A Can

    Its ugly and low tech, but it works. Another project aimed at first time builders or cheap practice sim for student pilots.

    - Main MCU. Your current Arduino board running the radio stack or other system. It needs only SDA and SCL pins for I2C communication and sufficient memory for the Wire library and a small amount of code.

    - Sub MCU. Arduino Pro Mini or Nano. Serial communication is not required after programming. The workload on the MCU is low and power consumption is also low.

    - LED controller. Later posts will spec a TPIC6B595N parallel out shift register. Any thing similar will work. The pins may be re-arranged and the pin names may be different. Pin descriptions used are from the factory data sheets.

    - Switch controller. SN74HC165N serial out shift registers. Two registers should be enough for C172s especially if using a resistor ladder and analog decode of the magneto switch and a potentiometer and analog decode of the flap switch. Add a third register or more for twin engine aircraft. Same comments as above.

    - Magneto switch and flap switch can be programmed digital through the shift registers or analog through the analog input only A6 and A7 of the Pro Mini.

    - Flap indicator. I will be posting code and description for the popular 28BYJ-48 stepper motor and SN2003 controller. Optical drive linear actuators may simplify your design. Small servos can be used and save three pins in the process.

    - In addition the usual toggle switches, fasteners, connectors, and cabling. They sound innocuous but will occupy a significant portion of the budget.

    - This is a builder project. Have fun.

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