Hey yall! Im going to unload my questions on here as I have quite a bit to ask. Just in the preliminary stages of research, design, construction....everything.

My goal is building a 737 with all the bells and whistles possible (and as affordable) as I can. Thanks to The Norwegian 737 Project, I have committed my motivation to immerse myself into finding out everything I need to know, do, plan, construct, etc to make this a reality.

I have plenty of questions as all I have ever done is sit behind a screen with a joystick or connected my laptop to my 65" flat screen with surround sound to get that "feel". Well, obviously I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of getting the "feel". So when it comes to P3D, ProSim, and whatever other aviation sim mediums are out there as well as interfacing, knowing what to get with what and why i need this for it to make sense...just as a lot of you guys or at least the ones Ive seen on youtube have said that at times it can be overwhelming at times and possibly...for a while and get burnt out...I can see why.

Without getting too deep and already asking questions, I'll end it with a "Great to be here" and hope I can pay it forward someday.